Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweiner - The Worst Day of the Year for Dogs

Happy Halloweiner from the Poop!

Without a doubt, Halloween is the worst day of the year for dogs.

First, you have the evil looking Halloween decorations:

Then you have all the kids ringing the doorbell:

And worst of all, you have those humans who just have to dress you up in some sort of ridiculous costume (or worse, multiple ridiculous costumes) and then have the nerve to laugh at you:

It has to get better tomorrow.

Happy Halloweiner. And please remember, don't dress your puppy up as a Butterfinger Bar. It might get eaten.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scenes From a Spoiled Puppy's Birthday

Scenes from Couper's seventh birthday party...

The presents sitting and waiting. One might observe that the table on which the presents are posing is awfully short. I wonder if that will come into play. One might also observe the stuff on the sofa. Yes, that pile was previously on the coffee table. Professional photographers might have moved them out of the camera shot. Professional photographers might also charge you for seeing these photos. I call it an even trade off.

"Come on mommy, let's go!!! We've got presents!!!  Hurry!!!"

Somehow, Couper actually knows what presents are and assumes all presents are for him. I have no idea how he could presume such a thing after six years here. Couper also is noticing that the table seems awfully short.

The present on the far end is his "big present" and the one he is supposed to open last. Couper has different ideas.

From here, we miss Couper jumping on the table and knocking down a gift bag.  In retrospect, I wish I had taken a picture of that, but in real time, I was shouting, "Couper, get off the table!!!!".  Not sure why I should have been surprised by him jumping up there.  Maybe I was just reacting the way I thought I was supposed to react.

Dachshund head in dachshund bag leaving only dachshund hiney.  He does this with all the presents he gets.  We have a hundred photos like this.  It's amazing that we get to reuse these bags year after year for birthdays and Christmas.  The tissue paper is a little less reusable.

The "big present".  A puppy boomerang.  It says it is virtually indestructible.  We'll see.

Couper gets toys.  Who knew he liked toys.  A very interested observer comes over to check things out.  "When is it my birthday???", thinks Godiva.

And it goes on and on like this.  He gets lots of presents.

The loot.  Toys, yummies, and cards.  Yes, he got three cards.  Nope, he still can't read.

And that's it for a spoiled puppy's birthday.  What have we learned?  Not much.  I guess just that it is good to be a spoiled puppy.  Where do we sign up for that gig?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Couper!!!

Happy seventh birthday to our site's founder and inspiration, Couper. Applying the seven years rule, he is now unofficially the oldest member of the household. Since he took control of the house years ago, there is little to be added for this honor.

Seven sounds old. It seems like yesterday that he was four. However, he has had a much better six than he had a five. Last year at this time he was coming off a summer of tummy problems and starting to have mysterious yelps whenever his nose was touched. He was sleeping in and not playing like he used to. He took a lot of medicine at five. I was almost ready to concede that he would never be back to his old playing self again. Thankfully the last year has been much better. He is like a puppy again. So, his six was a redo of his five, therefore, now he is six. Let's hope it is as good as his last six.

By the way, if he is six again, that makes me the elder of the house once more (I am not like a puppy again). It's kind of like getting a promotion without a raise. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday Couper from the Poop!