Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Godiva! - I Share My Birthday With a Dachshund

Couper's Mommy is a twin. She has shared her birthday with her sister since day one. Shared presents. Shared parties. Shared cake.

My cousin's wife was born on December 24. She shares her birthday with, well, Santa and Jesus. No escaping from the secular and spiritual side of Christmas.

Well, that all pales in comparison to what I face. My birthday is March 12. Godiva's is March 11. I share my birthday with a dachshund.

I don't even get to go first. Nope. Godiva gets March 1 (February 29 in a leap year) thru March 11. I get maybe 45 minutes somewhere around 6pm on March 12. Then it is Godiva for the rest of the month. All the parties. All the presents. All the parades. Godiva. Godiva. Godiva. Not to mention yummies and the belly rubs.

For 43 years all I had to compete with was Liza Minnelli, Darryl Strawberry, and a bunch of people who I know as much about as they know about me. A tough task to be sure, but definitely handleable. No longer. For the last 8 years I share a birthday with this:

I can't compete with that.

Happy Birthday Godiva! I'm honored to give up my birthday to you!