Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day!!!

Couper and Godiva want to wish a very happy Mommy's Day to their favorite mommy, Couper and Godiva's Mommy.

You would think that at this point we have exhausted all of the dachshund related gifts to give Couper and Godiva's Mommy for various holidays. You would think wrong. Couper and Godiva sent me out on a five hour treasure hunt on Saturday to dig up some more. It was semi-successful, but luckily, the Godiva name means we can always fall back on Godiva Chocolate.

Thank goodness the Couper name is spelled differently than the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. Have you seen what a set of 4 tires runs these days?

My goal by next Mommy's Day is to get Couper and Godiva a license and a credit card. Then I can sit home on a nice May Saturday while they fight the parking and the mall crowds.

But the point to the presents and the reason for all the effort is to point out how much Couper and Godiva love their mommy. She takes extra good care of them. Even when they wake her up at 6:30AM on a Saturday just because they want their breakfast immediately. Way more than their daddy is willing to do. So, for that...

Happy Mommy's Day!!!