Friday, July 31, 2015

Frankie Doodle Turns 13!

We're late for Frankie's birthday, so we might as well combine that with being late for the Fourth of July. So happy 13th birthday Frankie! And happy 239th birthday America!

I saw this comic and immediately thought of Frankie:

We've had Frankie two years, what are we calling him these days?

Frankie/Frank: Yes, we still call him by his name. That proves the intersection into the Pet's Name circle.

Frankie Dog: Not sure why, but we feel the need to append what kind of creature he is to his name. It isn't like we also have a Frankie Cat, or a Frankie Turtle, or even an Uncle Frankie.

Franklin: We've decided that this is his proper name. I'm guessing the original intent was that Frankie was short for Frankfurter. I like Franklin. Sounds Presidential. I think it's going to make a comeback. To combine this with the last entry, his full name is Franklin T Puppy Dog. The T stands for "The". 

Frankie Doodle: Makes sense as a derivative of Yankee Doodle. But make more sense when we have a Godiva Doo(dle) and a Couper Doo(dle). Makes them a family of sorts. The Doodle family, but a family nonetheless.

Frank the Tank: This is the name he came into our house with, but we are retiring it. At his last vet visit, he weighed in at 14+ pounds, down from 25.8 when we first got him. We actually think we may need to beef him up a little, which is more than OK with him.

Jumpin' Jack Flash: Because of how he jumps when his breakfast/dinner is if he could reach the counter and grab it. Someday. This is also a way better Stones song name for him than "Ruby Tuesday" or "Sister Morphine". 

So, we are pretty much on track with the chart. More of his real name than they show, but nothing incoherent.

What about Couper and Godiva? They are definitely in the fourth year onward graph. We did this exercise with them previously, but what's new?


Coupee (Koo-pee): Sort of the in-between of Coupe and Couper. But a lot more fun to say. Especially when you make it Coupeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! On the graph this is kind of a combination of the inner circle and the outer circle. Not sure how to diagram that.


Diva: Not dee-va, which is what she is and often deserves to be called. But Dive-a as in Godiva without the Go (Guh). I catch my self saying that and wonder, how lazy have I gotten that I can't add the Go? Worse, I have caught my self calling her Dive. Not sure if that is lazy for Diva, or for DiverDoo. I really don't like when I call her Dive. Stop that me. Don't make Dive a line item the next time I do this. Anyhow, Dive-a is not a word and definitely on the outside lane of the diagram.

Back to the main point, to honor Frankie's birthday, here is one of my favorite pictures ever, a rare action shot of Frankie playing. If you squint really hard, you can even imagine him playing with the ball (though in reality, he was chasing Godiva, or more likely sprinting to the door for post-potty yummies).

Happy 13th Frankie!!!