Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy X0 Birthday, Couper/Godiva's Mommy!!!

Yesterday, Couper and Godiva's Mommy celebrated a milestone birthday. We were all too busy celebrating to post, so this is a day late. (That's my excuse. It is now in print on the internet, so it must be true)

Anyhow, 10 years ago yesterday, Couper and Godiva's Mommy To Be also celebrated a milestone birthday. She was a mess. It was all she could to keep from climbing the wall and holding the clock at July 24, 2002 11:59PM forever.

This year? No problem. Bring it on.

The difference? Let's run the numbers:

Dachshunds Owned
2002: 0
2012: 2

Seems pretty clear now. Ten years ago, Couper and Godiva's Mommy To Be was 0% on her way to her childhood dream of owning three dachshunds. Today, Couper and Godiva's Mommy is 66.7% there. Makes all the difference in the world.

Happy Birthday Couper and Godiva's Mommy!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coo Coo For Dachshunds

We have a dachshund coo coo clock. I am going to let that sentence sink in for a minute while you take a look at our dachshund coo coo clock.

If you look carefully, you can see the dachshund coming out of the door as the clock is about to strike midnight. Every hour on the hour (or close, the dachshund coo coo clock is a bit fast), the dachshund emerges from the door and barks at us. Roof roof roof. Roof roof roof. Roof roof roof.

A friend of Couper's Mommy has a dachshund and got this dachshund coo coo clock. The only problem was that her dachshund went nuts every time the clock struck twelve and the coo coo dachshund opened the door and started roofing. Knowing that we are collectors of all things dachshund (how did we miss this item???) she gave us the dachshund coo coo clock to save her sanity.

The only problem is that we have two dachshunds. And they both like to bark at the slightest stimuli. Car honks? Bark. Car doors shut? Bark. Doorbell rings? Bark. Doorbell rings on TV? Bark. Kids playing? Bark. Dog barks (live or on TV)? Bark. This did not seem well thought out.

So, after a week or so of worrying about this, and questions from the previous dachshund coo coo clock owner about how things were working out, we decided to install batteries and hang the dachshund coo coo clock.

We sat patiently in the computer room next to the dachshund coo coo clock with our two dachshunds waiting for the top of the hour. As the time approached we could hear the doors open and the coo coo dachshund emerged. Roof roof roof. Roof roof roof. Roof roof roof. That was the only roofing we heard. Not a peep from our dachshunds. They didn't even turn their heads.

And from then on, the coo coo dachshund roofs at the top of every hour (or earlier, it is a bit fast) and our dogs ignore it. They still bark at cars. They still bark at doorbells. They still bark at kids. They still bark at live dogs. But the coo coo dachshund? Nothing.

The moral of the story? Sometimes you just have to find the right home for your dachshund coo coo clock. We rescued our dachshund coo coo clock in the Spring of 2012.