Thursday, November 1, 2007

Couper’s Poop Goes Public

Up until now, Couperspoop has been a private blog, reserved for friends and family of Couper. However, some of those friends and family have had trouble cracking the Google security. I will leave it between them and Google to figure out who is at fault. So, to allow this crucial information to get to its intended recipients, we are opening Couperspoop up to the public.

If you are the public, welcome! If you are a lawyer, sniffing out lawsuits for you clients, good luck. Blood from a stone and all that. If you are some other type of miscreant, go away.

As part of our grand opening, we are having an exciting promotion. Be one of the first ten people to comment on our site and win a free dinner from a participating restaurant in your area.

Here’s what you do. Add a comment to our site. Go to your local Sunday paper. In the coupon section look for a coupon from a participating restaurant in your area offering “buy one dinner, get one free”. Cut out that coupon. On the coupon, read and abide by the terms and conditions. Go to a participating restaurant in your area, present the coupon, and tell them that Couperspoop sent you. That’s it. You should get one meal of equal or lesser value free! Couldn’t be easier or more fun.

Contest Terms and Conditions:
  • Couperspoop is in no way affiliated with a restaurant in your area. It was just a coupon in the paper this week.
  • Couperspoop is not responsible for you not abiding by the coupon’s terms and conditions.
  • No purchase necessary. If you want to steal the Sunday paper from your neighbor or a newsstand, that is your business. Couperspoop is not responsible for your being a sociopath.
  • Couperspoop is not responsible if your free dinner stinks. Blame a restaurant in your area
If you are new to Couperspoop, please check out what we have done so far. In past posts we unequivocally solved the following problems: poverty, energy, and childhood diseases. Unfortunately we had to delete those posts to make room for a bunch of nonsense about our dog going to Kindergarten.


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