Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Couper And His Floppy Disc

Couper's Aunt Buddy (my sister) got me a camera for Christmas to do videos for the blog. Seeing that it is April, I figured I should probably get around to doing just that.

I am new at the video stuff, so please excuse the lighting that looks like it came from a Paris Hilton "home video". Let's pretend that was done on purpose and call it art.

Here are two videos of Couper playing with the toy his Gramma Buddy got him for Christmas; his Floppy Disc. He likes to bury it under his blanket and "dig" it out:

In the second video, I make the mistake of sitting down to get the low angle. Big Buddy sitting down equals, "let's play fetch with Big Buddy". So we do. Enjoy the quality shot of my left foot. We'll pretend that was also done for artistic purposes, not by mistake. Does my voice really sound like that? It does when I speak to a little dog.

In case you were wondering, most of the background noise is from the TV in the kitchen. Yes, Couper's Mommy is watching the Biggest Loser finale. Enjoy the videos before NBC demands they be taken down for copyright infringement.

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