Friday, September 19, 2008

Couper Celebrates 5 Years in Our Household…Godiva Celebrates 6 Months on Earth.

It is the ultimate irony that the reason we do not write more about our dachshunds is that we spend all our waking, non-working hours chasing dachshunds (some of our sleeping, non-working hours as well).  It is difficult to sit down and write when you are constantly interrupted by getting a toy out of whatever jam it was put in, or saving a blanket from sure destruction, or wondering if endless floor sniffing is curiosity or potty time.  And that is our “good” dog; the one who graduated kindergarten.  The puppy is constant mischief.

So time has passed and we neglected to mark two very important dates (Neglected is probably the wrong word.  Kind of like saying that the people of Houston neglected to mow their lawns last week.  They would have, but they were busy saving themselves and their houses.  And, yes, I am comparing Couper and Godiva to a hurricane).

On September 6, Couper celebrated his 5th anniversary in our household.  On September 6, 2003, Couper’s Mommy-to-be got a phone call from a colleague saying, “Take this dog or he’s going to the pound” (someday I am going to write this story in full…I may need to sedate the dogs for a weekend).  It hasn’t always been easy, but he has been our Little Buddy ever since. We often wonder what would have happened had they taken Couper (then named Frank) to the pound.  He is the cutest damn thing, but also the barkiest.  We assume that the Humane Society workers would have figured out that playing is the key to his happiness and would have given potential adopters a toy to calm him.  However, with a room full of barking dogs, who knows.  So, every year in and around his adoption anniversary, we make a donation in Couper’s honor to the local Humane Society. (At right, the earliest digital photo we have of Couper.  Why didn't we have a digital camera back then???).

It is hard to imagine that Couper has been with us for five years, but on the other hand, it is hard to remember what life was like before he arrived.  I think we had a lot less dachshund stuff. And squeaky toys.  And dog beds.  And dog treats.  For a free dog, he sure has been expensive. 

On September 11, Godiva celebrated her 6 month birthday (Like they always say, you can't pick your half-birthday; Couper's is April 1).  Rumor has it that Godiva was scheduled to be born on St.
Patrick’s Day, but on March 11th her birth mommy said, “What is this thing constantly nipping at my insides?!?” and demanded to have labor induced.  Godiva has grown a lot in the 4 and a half months we have had her.  She is almost Couper’s size.  Growing up is another matter.  She is still all puppy – and all dachshund.  She is getting better with her potties, but if she is not making mischief right now, give her a second or two.  And now with her increased size and strength, she is nearly impossible to catch without help.  With some luck, we may be able to snare the sock or shoe she is running around with. (At right, Godiva with her litter-mate sister).

So, happy anniversary Couper and happy half-birthday Godiva.  Maybe next year, you will give me the time to write these up when they happen.  I won’t count on it.

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