Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Godiva!!!

Yes, despite all the doom and gloom (and the cliffhanger) from The Surgery, Godiva turns 5 years old today, not too much worse for wear.

Some day I will write about the rehab. It took me four months to be able to get through The Surgery, the rehab may be even tougher to write. But to cut to the chase, she can walk, though a little sloppy, and she has her spunk back. We are still rehabbing her. She has her good days and her less good days, but overall we think she is getting better. Still no climbing, so we have to assist her getting into bed. She has no issues jumping down, despite our best efforts (and whining to get back up about 15 seconds later).

So, on her fifth birthday (already???) we are just happy to have our little girl back again.

Happy Birthday Diverdoo!!!

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