Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let's Take Inventory - Dachshund Figurines - Hot Diggity Dog!

I don't specifically remember the first time I went into the Hallmark Store in Lake Havasu City and saw my first Westmark Hot Diggity Dog dachshund figurine. But I do remember it was one of the top ten moments of my life to that point (and beyond).

I think it was near Couper's Mommy's birthday. And I think I got a Birthday Dachshund and maybe one more. And I think there were two others in the store. And I think I went back, before Couper's Mommy's Birthday and got the other two. And I am sure that I sweated out Couper's Mommy going into the Hallmark Store in our little town and discovering my, and Couper's, super special gift.

I think the first Hot Diggity Dog was a Birthday Dachshund. I think it was series one of Hot Diggity Dogs. I know I got a couple more Hot Diggity Dogs when they came into the Hallmark store. Then, from a place I could have never guessed, came Hot Diggity Dogs Series Two. Those were bought up between Couper's Birthday, Christmas, and my birthday. And who would have guessed, out came Series Three.

At this point you wonder, who is driving whom? Are there more series because we were buying the other series? Or are there other nuts out there like us? Macroeconomics says the former, but we always wondered if we the whole macro.

So series three and four and five, and Christmas Hot Diggity Dogs, and picture frames, and salt and pepper shakers, and banks, and series six, and seven, and so on came out. And of course we got them. They have our Little Buddy on them!

There were other dachshund figurines. You can seen them in the pictures above. The Jonathan Alder white dachshund in the upper right of the three tier stand probably costs more than three of the Hot Diggity Dogs on the shelf below. We have big ceramic dachshunds. We have small metallic dachshunds. We have medium sized dachshunds as well. Probably also medium-small and medium-large.

The Hot Diggity Dogs have slowed lately, but so has our ability to buy them. Related? Perhaps. I like to think so. But, one runs out of creative things to put on a short and long dog. I do know this. Less than a year after we moved from Havasu, the Hallmark store that sold us the Hot Diggity Dogs closed. Related? Ummm Perhaps???

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Do you still have collection?