Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloweenie

Well, we finally did it. After all these years, we have a hot dog Halloween costume for our dogs. To our credit, we didn't buy it. It was loaned to us. Let's take a look.

Those are not happy puppies. At least Couper decided, "This stinks, but I think I can kinda still play". Godiva was miserable. Frankie decided to use it as a cushion, I think.

Every so often there are videos shared to us on Facebook of dachshunds dressed up and running around. Usually they are from the great Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. This is one we got often:

We love this one, because we love dachshunds (obviously) and the Minions. It is awesome. People should always share stuff like this with us. But the poster will say, "you should do this with your dogs". And then we get sad, because we know that in our wildest dreams there is no way that our dogs are going to act anything like the dogs on the video. They are going to fight getting the costume put on them and then sulk as if we took all their toys and yummies away. That first picture of Godiva could actually be a video. It took her three minutes to even move. Just stare at it for three minutes and pretend it's on YouTube.

So, once a year, at best, we spend 15 minutes dressing them up for a photo-op that we can use on the October page of our puppy calendar and call it a day. Halloween is the worst day of the year for puppies. Even Halloweenie puppies.

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