Monday, December 31, 2007

...and Giving

Added to the list of Dachshund stuff we already have, we got the following:
  • More Dachshund calendars (of course)
  • Dachshund towels
  • Dachshund bank
  • Dachshund cutting board (I'm not kidding)
  • Dachshund note pads
  • More dachshund books
  • Another dachshund stuffed animal
  • Another dachshund figurine
  • Dachshund straw hat
  • Dachshund ring holder (I couldn't make this stuff up)
  • I am sure I inadvertently missed somethings.
Couper's haul:
  • Soccer ball
  • Football - Just like the ones that come over the wall from the neighbor kids that Couper likes to play with. It usually takes me a couple of minutes to get it away from him. So Santa got him his own.
  • Squeaky blanket
  • Dangerous Book for Dogs - I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. However Couper is already well skilled in barking, begging skills, and playing fetch. Thankfully he is too small for crotch sniffing.
  • Turkey Jerky - I can't recommend this strongly enough either.
  • Doggy cookies
  • Peanut butter biscuits
  • Biscuits
We are truly blessed. I know that there are many families out there that got no dachshund merchandise for Christmas. Please keep them in your minds and hearts in 2008.

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