Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Little Buddy!!!

Happy 9th Birthday to our founder and inspiration, Couper.

So, not to get off subject, but we are in a bit of an economic mess in this country right now. A lot of smart people have a lot of smart ideas about how to get us out of it. The smart folks on the left say, tax the rich and the government will use the money to create jobs. The smart folks on the right say, cut taxes and companies will use the savings to create jobs. The dumb-ass dachshund blogger says, have everyone get a dachshund. It can happen through taxes and government give-aways. It can happen through tax cuts and private incentives. I don't care. Just get a dachshund in everyone's hands. Then, once a year, that dachshund will have a birthday. And the dachshund owner will go to four stores and spend triple digit dollars on birthday presents. I mean, look at those eyes in the picture above. Are you not going to get him lots and lots of birthday presents? And the genius of this solution is that it is not a one time or limited time solution. This is no holiday rush. No Black Friday. Multiple dachshund birthdays every day of the year. Economic crisis solved. Now who is the dumb-ass and who is the smart folk?

Anyhow, we may have gone a bit overboard on presents for Couper's birthday (and as Couper's Mommy reminds me, by "we", I mean "I"). But, it must be a special birthday, because the Beatles couldn't stop singing chanting about it:

Number 9...Number 9...Number 9...Number 9

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!!

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