Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spoiled and Spoileder

Today, we shall learn the definitions of two words; spoiled and spoileder.

Below are the presents that Couper got for his birthday...

A pretty nice haul (and nicely packaged I might add). Just to prove that they got the presents, here are Couper and Godiva opening one...

Spoiled puppies.


Here are two puppies the next day.

I could not figure out what in the world they wanted on the computer room table. There was nothing up there for puppies. No toys. No bones. No yummies. Despite picking them up and showing them there was nothing there for them, they kept going to the table and whining (Godiva) or jumping (Couper).

Finally, I figured out what they were after:

Admidst all the clutter (and dachshund merchandise) is a bag that we had gotten a month or so before from Sur La Table. It had been on the desk for a couple of weeks. However, since they had gotten presents in gift bags the day before, Couper and Godiva decided that this must be a lost present (because obviously they had not gotten enough the day before).

Spoileder puppies. (Maybe spoiledest puppies, though I am not sure that is actually a word).

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