Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy President's Day From The Poop

I don't actually get President's Day off, but Couper's Mommy does. Couper of course has every day off.

My favorite things about President's Day are the bad (usually local) ads. The best was a bed store ad that had a guy playing Lincoln say, "I need to pay too much for a mattress like a need a hole in my head!" (Tasteless? Absolutely. But admit it, when you saw bed store and President's Day, you were thinking, "here comes the Clinton joke". Now who's tasteless?)

I have absolutely no connection between President's Day and Couper. So below is a picture of Couper playing with Quacky the Duck. For one day only, Quacky the Duck will be renamed Mallard Fillmore. (By the way, Quacky Mallard no longer has any legs - guess who is responsible for that? If Mallard were in a President's Day commercial he would say, "I would give my left leg for a deal on a new transmission!")

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