Friday, May 2, 2008

Godiva - Day 1 - A Quick Update

Someday really soon, I am going to do a post on how we got Godiva, I promise. However, tonight we are all exhausted, so a quick update.
Couper's Mommy split as soon as she could from work to pick-up Godiva. I knew this morning when she asked if getting her on her own was a possibility, that I was out of the equation. Not spending an additional hour in the car in-and-around rush hour was an issue with me. I knew there was any stopping her anyway.

We met at home and decided to re-introduce (they met the night before) Couper to Godiva in the driveway. That way we could let Couper "invite her" into his house. Is this the preferred method of the most renowned dog books? Could be. But basically, I made it up on the way home. If it is the absolute wrong way to introduce a dog to a new home with an existing dog, I'll pretend I read it on the internet. Couper and Godiva seemed to remember each other from the night before and there were no issues.

To make the day more fun, we just happen to be watching Couper's cousin Sammie for the weekend. So we got to introduce Godiva to Sammie as Godiva walked in the door. Sammie essentially personifies (dogifies???) the old line, "Happy to be here, happy to be anywhere!", so there were no issues with Godiva meeting her new cousin. However, with three dogs getting to know each other (or in Couper and Sammie's case, re-getting to know each other), butt sniffing was at an all-time record level.

The evening went fairly smoothly. Couper was a playing fool (nothing unusual there). Sammie wandered around (happy to be anywhere). Godiva was very confused and cried a little, but seemed happy to cuddle with Couper's Mommy or me. Interactions between her and Couper mostly involved sniffing. The first time Godiva tried to play with the toy that Couper was playing with, Couper snarled at her. The next couple of times, Couper just let her play (it was more just taking the toy and chewing it, but it is a start to playing). However, Godiva learned a valuable life lesson later in the evening when she tried to run off with Couper's bone. I was not in the room, but the growl and the shriek indicates that this probably will not happen again anytime soon (no injuries to either).

And the Poop wouldn't be the poop without a potty update. It seems that Godiva needs to go #1 about once every hour or so. We spent a good deal of time outside for just that reason. However, she did get the inside of our house once (on the tile, not the carpet, thankfully) and the inside of her Gramma Buddy's house on our visit there (on the floor, not the rug, thankfully). Knowing that it will be a few weeks before she can really start potty training, there was not a whole lot that we could say or do. However, I am already looking forward to the day when she is potty trained.

That turned out to be not so quick yet not so comprehensive. Great combination. I promise to write the "How We Got Godiva" piece soon. Hopefully not in the same way that I promise the "How We Got Couper" piece. Until next time, another Godiva picture (enjoy my right forearm and watch as well):

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