Saturday, May 3, 2008

Godiva Day 2 - Quick Update

This time it is going to be a quick update. Complete sentences are optional tonight.
  • Couper/Godiva's Mommy is exhausted. We had Godiva sleep in a soft kennel with the top down last night. When she cried she would take her out to go potty. She cried about every hour to hour and a half. Of course, Couper and Sammie followed along for the fun. Big Buddy rolled over in bed and said "hmmmph".
  • Because we are taking her out at least every hour and a half, Godiva has not had any indoors accidents. She does like to go #1 on the cement in the patio, but we can live with that for now. I am going to declare potty training, "mission accomplished!"
  • Godiva likes to run under our feet. We are getting used to looking down before we take a step. Couper/Godiva's Mommy's feet make their Poop debut in the picture to the right.
  • Godiva has a new pink collar, but seems to scratch at it every 5 seconds. We are hoping that is just her getting used to it, because...
  • Couper purposely has three tags hanging off his collar that jingle when he walks. It is the best way to know where he is. When we don't hear jingling for a while, we know that there is mischief going on. Godiva desperately needs multiple collar tags because she can sneak up on us or run off way too silently.
  • Godiva has shown an interest in Couper's toys. She is not yet able or willing to fetch Mr. Hineys, if for no other reason than Couper is bigger, quicker, and way more experienced. However, when one is sitting around, she will sometimes go after it. If Couper can get to it before her, he will snarl or bark and she runs away. If she sneaks up without his seeing (again, the silent tagless sneak attack), he just watches as she chews it or bats it around a little. Fortuneatly for Couper, she has at most an 8 second attention span and he gets his toy back quickly.
  • She can amazingly pick up a full sized tennis ball in her mouth. I have no picture, but she stabs the fuzz with her sharp teeth, lifts it up, and carries it around. We bought her little tennis balls to play with, but Couper seems to enjoy those more than she does. Maybe she wants to be a big girl already.
  • Aside from Godiva trying to take his toys and bones, Couper has been great with her. He has even tried to get her to play with him, as she has with him. In a great sequence earlier in the day, Godiva snuck off with Couper's bone. After she tired of it, Couper picked up the bone and hopped up on the sofa with me. He then (I think) purposely dropped the bone off the sofa and waited. When Godiva came back through again and picked up the bone, Couper bounced off the sofa and chased her. She dropped the bone to run faster, so she lost that battle. However, as she got back around to one of her new beds (Couper/Godiva's Mommy has been to Petsmart a time or two) she found Sammie lying on it. Determined to win something, she jumped up and barked at Sammie, who fled. Yup, she is a dachshund.
  • For a creature so low to the ground, Godiva sure is gangly when she walks. At times she takes these gigantic steps for such little legs. It almost looks like a soldier crawling across the battlefield. I tried to capture this on video below:

That's it for tonight. Couper is telling us he wants to go to bed, and it is still Couper's house.

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