Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mommy's Day From The Poop

The Poop would like to wish all Dachshund mommies a happy Mommy's Day. Make sure to have the Big Buddy of the house do all the dachshund chores today (and only today! Knowing that Couper/Godiva's Mommy may not read this until Wednesday, I feel pretty confident promising that.).

Couper and Godiva each gave me a little something to say to their mommy for Mommy's Day.

Couper: Thank you mommy for sticking with me all these years. I know I can be a handful sometimes, but without you, who knows where I would be. I know I growl at you sometimes, but only because I want you to stay with me all the time. You are the bestest mommy in the whole wide world!!! Happy Mommy's Day!!!

Godiva: Thanks for picking me out mommy. I like my new home! I like that you get up at 2:30 every night to take care of me. I hope you do that for me forever! Happy Mommy's day!!!

Well, that was mushy, but I guess we can make an exception for Mommy's Day.

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